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Infrastructure services

- Express Ways/Roads/Railways
- Still/Suspension Bridges
- HV/LV Grids
- Power Generating Turbines
- Sustainable energy solutions

Development servies

- Integrated Solution for complete  developments
- Multi-storey buildings with full  facalities
- Golf, yacht clubs with full  landscape and  fancing
- Variety of plants

Engineering Services

- Package Solution for civil and structural
- Electrical & mechanical - Plumbing
- Fire supression and detection,entertainment
   and communication   architectural


Our record speaks for itself. We’re a company built on time proven methodologies. We’re organised and we’re professional. We never lose sight of our client’s end goal.
Lion Head Engineering we challenge everything. Not to be difficult, but because our clients rely on us to provide them with the best possible solutions for their building requirements. We are a company of forward thinkers who are passionate about applying our creativity and innovation to all of our projects.
By combining our significant industry experience with an unrelenting commitment to quality, innovation and added value, our clients are assured of the very best outcome every time.
Our culture is based around a collaborative approach involving all members of the project team. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, we learn from our experiences and we commit to excellence in everything we do.